INOVBOX Media Player

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INOVBOX Media Player – transform any screen or monitor into an interactive display by connecting to the HDMI input.

The INOVBOX Media Player provides access to the N/Ex/T platform. The L'Oreal N/Ex/T platform delivers exclusive professional content, curated by L’Oreal for your clientele.

The N/Ex/T platform also provides customization tools to build your own images and videos for your customers to learn more about your salon and your services. INOVBOX Media player comes with a 3 year warranty.

When connecting the INOVBOX media player to Wi-Fi a minimum of 6mbps is required to ensure consistent connectivity. You can contact INOVSHOP for instructions to test your download speed.

If your Wi-Fi does not meet these requirements please ensure to order the Wi-Fi Extender at checkout.

You must select a N/ex/T Subscription payment option to activate your account. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the subscription options.


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