SalonEcom Ecommerce Websites for Salons with POS

Discover the SalonEcom Difference

SalonEcom, an all-encompassing point-of-sale and website solution crafted by INOVSHOP USA, exclusively for trailblazing beauty salon entrepreneurs.

Transform Your Beauty Salon with SalonEcom

Introducing the ultimate website and point-of-sale solution for beauty salon owners – SalonEcom by INOVSHOP USA. Seamlessly integrate your online and in-salon experiences with a single platform that covers all aspects of your business.

Top Reasons to Embrace SalonEcom

  1. Unified Branding: SalonEcom creates a single, cohesive website for your salon, allowing you to showcase your stylists, list services, manage online bookings, sell products, and share your salon's origin story. By unifying your brand under one stylish platform, you'll provide a seamless experience for your customers.
  2. Ecommerce & POS BOPIS Twist: SalonEcom redefines the Buy Online, Pickup In Salon (BOPIS) experience by tailoring it to the beauty industry's unique needs. This innovative approach allows customers to purchase products online and pick them up at your salon, providing both convenience and efficiency for you and your customers.
  3. Automation Unleashed: Stay ahead of the competition with a mobile-optimized website that works seamlessly with digital signage. SalonEcom is built on best-in-class platforms, Shopify and Google Workspace, and features media player integration for Samsung Digital Signs, a partner of INOVSHOP USA.

Key Components of SalonEcom

Online Bookings
Delight your guests with a secure and seamless booking experience. Limit booking options, or add requisites like customizable deposits based on approval, registration, or customer and stylist preferences. Exhibit fixed rates or price ranges with options for each stylist's varying prices.

Stylist Profiles
Illuminate your talented team with optimized profiles, filtering options by level and service specialties, and personalized image and video galleries showcasing their masterpieces.

Multimedia Galleries
Captivate clients with image galleries featuring text-to-share technology, video product galleries, mosaic layouts, and media-by-the-year pages.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Track the results of an online design as keenly focused on CRO as a fresh pair of scissors. CRO is a critical component of a thriving online presence for salons to capture new clients, online bookings, and product sales.

Client Profiles & Account Management
Gather invaluable data for personalized service and product recommendations through customizable customer registration. Develop customer profiles with unlimited data fields and manage account requests and approvals through a multi-step process.

online booking stylist profiles media galleries
get more hair care and hair styling product sales

Retail Sales
Elevate your sales with vivid, crystal-clear details encompassing product usage instructions, ingredient lists, stylist recommendations, and customer reviews.

Pricing Management
Implement customer group pricing, tier pricing for products and services, and Minimum Advertising Pricing (MAP) for retail products. Control pricing visibility based on account approval or characteristic grouping.

BOPIS optimized
Our solution, built on a best-in-class platform, flaunts built-in features that make Buy Online, Pickup In-Salon (BOPIS) a breeze for you and your patrons.

Real-time Inventory Access
Empower stylists and team members with real-time access to retail stock, promotional products, and special bundle items with tools that help you perform multi-location inventory tasks.

Flexible Payments & Fast Checkouts
Split tender checkouts across multiple payment types, accept partial payments and add gratuities with preset or custom options. Optimize the checkout interface for efficiency and accept various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, gift cards, checks, and cash.

Built on the Shopify Platform
Experience seamless management through our meticulously crafting of a salon solution atop the esteemed Shopify platform. The synergy unites the physical retail and digital spheres, delivering a seamless, secure, customizable solution exclusively for the salon industry.

Content Management System (CMS)
Leverage extended CMS capabilities, multi-column mega menus with search forms and promo ad inserts, and customizable templates for every design layout through settings. Amplify your brand's digital footprint with unlimited pages and blog articles.

Premium Development Standards
Guarantee an optimal online experience with a Responsive Website Design built with a focus on accessibility and W3C Standards that ensures your website looks stunning on mobile and large monitors. All your guests can benefit from your online efforts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Monitor with delight the metrics of a website that incorporates best-in-class SEO strategies and technical guidelines for a competitive edge in the digital landscape, ensuring your salon's website ranks highly on search engine results pages.

Salon ecommerce pos cms website seo w3c development standards
 ultimate website point-of-sale for beauty salon owners

Gift Cards
Boost revenue with digital gift cards that quickly transform into credit card payments towards services or products.

Discounts & Promotions
Create discount codes and links for fixed amounts, percentages, BOGO deals, and free shipping.

Marketing & Promotion
Utilize a promo ad library for insertion into multiple content types, "also-like" product displays, accessory add-to-cart features, and step-by-step service selection methods.

Sales History for Upselling
Offer more personalized service and maximize product sales and service rebookings with access to immediately pull customer history, including lifetime spending, average checkout value, and order history.

Sales Attribution & Performance Tracking
Monitor stylist sales attributions, commissions, and perks. Assess business health with reports blending in-store and online sales, automatic product performance rankings, and operations reporting.

Automate your marketing efforts and reach more guests with personalized content generated for digital displays, ecommerce, email, social media, and email campaigns through one system. Also, automatically generate various QR codes for bookings, product sales, and stylist tipping.

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Did you know that, according to industry statistics, the average salon generates around 30% of its revenue from retail sales? Furthermore, increasing the percentage of clients who purchase retail products by just 10% can significantly improve overall profits. Call us today to review our ROI calculator to check possible results based on your unique numbers.

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