N/Ex/T (L'Oreal New Expression Tool)

License & Priority Support

The L'Oreal New Expression Tool (N/es/T is a custom solution for Salons, designed and built through an extensive collaboration between L'Oreal HQ in Paris and INOVSHOP Group HQ, also in Paris.  As one of the key elements of the Salon Emotion Program, The N/ex/T HUB provides a Library of Content that includes all L'Oreal brands and custom tools for salons to create their own custom content for the customers.

The N/Ex/T Subscription (L'Oreal New Expression Tool) is required to gain access to the exclusive, professional L’Oreal content and your personal customization tools.  Each location must have its own subscription.  This subscription will cover an unlimited number of INOVBOX Media Players in the location.  Your subscription all comes with unlimte

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