Your 360 Degree Retail Expert

Digital Consumer Experience, Merchandising Security, POS Display, Installation, Logistics & Services.

Your 360 Degree Retail Expert

Merchandising Security, POS Display, Installation & Logistics.

Executing digital retail expertise


We to listen to the customer and apply our expertise in designing solutions to directly impact their business, driving better sales, profits and customer conversions
Executing digital retail expertise


Throughout our conversations and research, it is our responsibility to learn how to drive better results with our tools for each customer and then teach them the best way to apply the tools to drive more profits
Executing digital retail expertise


By leveraging our best in class network of global partners, we have the unique capability to expand your brand and execute the same vision around the globe. Everything that needs to be done, must be done well




Physical Retail is not dead. The consumer today is looking for convenience, great prices and instant gratification to have a memorable shopping experience. By applying today’s advancing technologies with the convenience of the physical retail environment, providing a memorable experience to your clients has never been easier

INOVSHOP USA provides a 360° approach to retail. We are your partner to address all your needs. Our experts in Digital Experiences, Media Content Management, POS Displays, Merchandising Security, Installation and Post Install services can ensure you are providing an unforgettable experience to your clients every time. Whether you attracting clients off the street or pushing to increase your conversion rates, our custom tools will support your business goals.

INOVSHOP Group Global

Established in retail in 1983 INOVSHOP Group has always been focused on providing its clients with the best design, manufacturing and service. INOVSHOP Group has always been at the forefront of new technology to help companies grow their business. Whether introducing the newest merchandising security products to Europe, establishing our best in class Digital Signage and content management solutions, consumer analytics or new mobile consumer experiences our motto has always been “Everything that must be done, must be done well”

INOVSHOP Group has expanded to cover over 85 countries on five continents. This network of partners provides all customers with the unique opportunity to leverage our expertise around the world to deliver consistent branding and unique experiences that match your global expansion plans.

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