Introducing SalonEcom: Redefine Your Salon's Digital Presence

Get ready for the ultimate salon makeover with the cutting-edge SalonEcom!

SalonEcom Ecommerce Websites for Salons with POS

We're ecstatic to unveil the launch of the innovative SalonEcom solution, exclusively available through INVOSHOP USA. SalonEcom is an all-in-one answer for the marketing technology questions asked by salon owners seeking revenue growth, efficiency, and rapid ROI on investments. Achieve your salon's business goals with unprecedented ease.

The comprehensive SalonEcom system unifies stylist profiles, online booking, ecommerce, and brand promotions into one seamless solution. Bid farewell to puzzling apps and disjointed systems that result in an inconsistent digital style that doesn't match your salon's image. Say hello to an enhanced, chic-looking guest experience.

SalonEcom delivers a 360-degree experience, stimulating revenue-generating interactions both in-person and online. Leveraging years of retail expertise and collaboration with top beauty product manufacturers, INOVSHOP USA offers this solution to boost stylists' service bookings and retail product sales.

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