Floor Display, Exterior Facing Window, 55" Monitor, 4000 nit

Indoor installation facing the street and exposed to direct sunlight


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The Exterior Facing Motion Window 55″ - The INOVSHOP Motion Window Display Kit includes: 55" Samsung Smart Display Monitor, INOVBOX Media Player and Pedestal Display Fixture.

The Motion Window 55" Exterior Facing Display is designed to be installed indoors, in a window facing outside. The Samsung monitor is designed to maintain crisp clear images even in direct sunlight, and to play 24/7.

A Wi-Fi or LAN connection is required to access the internet. Standard freight and standard installation is included.

Your Kit includes: 55″ Samsung Monitor, INOVBOX Media Player, Free Standing Floor Display, Freight and Standard Installation.

Standard installed height minimum is 6’4.

It is recommended a power source be within 25′ of display location.

When connecting the INOVBOX media player to Wi-Fi a minimum of 6mbps is required to ensure consistent connectivity. You can contact INOVSHOP for instructions to test your download speed.

If your Wi-Fi does not meet these requirements please add the Wi-Fi Extender to your cart before checkout.

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