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Your salon website must make a first impression of always being on-trend and capable of bringing it all together.

The INOVDEPTH system for salons, offered exclusively through INVOSHOP USA, includes stylist profiles, online booking, ecommerce, and brand promotions through a single solution. No more confusing your guests with online booking apps that do not match your brand, salon, or website. No more missing out on ecommerce sales, including buy online pickup in salon.

Online Bookings

  • Elevate a guest’s experience with simple bookings while also securing the best hair care products.
  • Enjoy easy booking management for the customer, owner, stylist , and your front office.
  • Manage bookings through a phone’s calendar, iCal, Google Calendar, or any browser.
  • Empower guests with any time, anywhere booking without stylists experiencing automation stress.
  • Choose, on a stylist by stylist basis, if online booking is available for everyone, approved clients, previous guests, or no one.
  • Collect online booking deposits, require payment-in-full at the time of booking, or offer payment at the salon.
  • Display a fixed rate or a price range with the option to display different prices for each stylist.
  • Deliver customizable and automated reminders via email and text.
Flexible online booking system for salons
Product displays to drive sales

Retail Sales

  • Increase your average ticket size by making product sales effortless and at the forefront of the customer experience.
  • Use image galleries and personalized embedded videos for unique insights into what makes a product so beneficial.
  • Showcase product descriptions, instructions, and ingredients to drive specific hair type and style purchasing decisions.
  • Capture and manage customer reviews on your product pages to increase sales and organic search traffic.
  • Utilize QR codes to reveal product details or automatically add products to a checkout with or without a discount applied.

Stylist Profiles

  • Introduce stylists with a headshot, biography, credential list, career highlights, image galleries, social links, and reviews.
  • Help new prospects find a stylist by services offered, location, or reviewing style images while ensuring existing clients can quickly interact with their preferred team members.
  • Display an individual stylist’s offered services with individual pricing and booking preferences.
  • Improve product retail revenue by featuring a trusted stylist’s favorite recommended products.
Stylist profiles

Gift Cards

  • Sell gift cards of any denomination or freely issue them as a promotion, reward , or incentive.
  • Easily distribute the fully digital gift cards for use as a credit card payment towards services or products.
  • Increase revenue with touchless, holiday gift card sales without creating checkout traffic jams at the front of your salon.

Brand Promotion

  • Create unlimited pages, including those necessary to encourage sales like salon history, FAQs, team profiles, and more.
  • Publish blog articles for sharing inspiration and insights through pages designed for search engine optimization.
  • Exhibit your guests’ experience, stylists’ services, and product results through image galleries.

Client Registration

  • Possess the data required for ideal service and product recommendations through customizable customer registration.
  • Access guest profiles for a quick look-up of hair characteristics, styles, preferences, service history, and product orders.
  • Utilize multiple account methods including system integrations, file imports, or online request forms.
  • Approve accounts before allowing access to protected content, services, products, image galleries, or website features.
  • Text-to-online technology for moving images from a stylist’s phone to the website, digital display, and social media platforms.


  • Automated communications for every step of the process, from order placement through shipping, delivery , or pickup.
  • Email and text messages, including post appointment follow-up and future appointment reminders.
  • Time-based email and text notifications inviting guests to book a new appointment or purchase replenishment products.


  • The INOVDEPTH solution is built for use on the powerful, top-rated Shopify platform.
  • A familiar checkout experience allows customers to effortlessly place a secure order.
  • Various payment methods through 256-bit encryption, including credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.
  • Content management system (CMS) for publishing engaging content, navigation, images, and promotional elements.
  • Customize, rearrange layouts, change colors, adjust font treatments, and modify designs without coding.


  • Responsive Website Design (RWD) ensures the best look everywhere digitally, just like you do in the physical world.
  • Orchestrated to move retail shopping from wall-mounted digital displays to small screens held in a guest’s hand.
  • Explicitly designed to empower consultative stylist sales when the guest is in the chair or in-between visits.
  • Accessibility and W3C Standards are followed for a website that functions on all browsers with optimal performance.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) implemented to capture new clients, online bookings, and product sales.

The new INOVDEPTH solution from INOVSHOP USA combines best-in-class digital display, POS, ecommerce, and marketing automation. It was crafted by harnessing decades of successful retail experience. INOVDEPTH is the culmination of optimizing salon operations across the nation for better revenue opportunities, elevated guest services, and improved operational efficiencies.

Each piece of INOVDEPTH consistently lifts your salon to the next level by injecting 360-degree digital transformation perfectly styled for your business goals.

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